Bangalore Metro

Namma Metro (Our metro) / The Bangalore Metro (Kannada:ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ಮೆಟ್ರೊ) is the proposed mass-transit rail system for the Indian city of Bangalore. The agency responsible for its implementation is Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd(BMRCL). That’s how the first few lines in Wikipedia read. Please see ( for the complete Wiki page.

And obviously with METRO comes the drilling of roads. And M.G.Road has obviously suffered the fate of drilling. Ask any non-Bangalorean (by this I mean junta whose never been to B’lore) who’s heard of the city to name only place in B’lore and M.G.Road/Brigade Road has to come up. The same is my story too… When I came to the city in ’94, even I had to see M.G.Road.

This sooooo famous road today has become a nearly a two lane 2 way street… Quite similar to any bylane in B’lore barring the difference of high rises on either side. If your office is on M.G.Road, then getting to your workplace during rush hour can be an ordeal in itself. After that all tensions in office would be a piece of cake.

But has there been an urge to get that leg completed. To the general public, it seems like a big NO but the officials might think differently.

If you look through the official site for this project and their a Flash plug-in on the homepage which I found very funny. It gives you statistical figures about different modes of transport in the garden city of B’lore and shows that Namma Metro is the source of relief for the congestion. The motto given on the flash plugin is "Driving Bangalore Ahead". With the current state of affairs, I don’t think so… 🙂 It’s only driving B’lore backward and adding to the congestion. Post project completion, I would probably change my mind and may be alter this post to… Till then I shall sign off here and see when I get to present the positive side of things Smile


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